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The Group Clinic! ……religious recreation that could change the world!

Let’’s take all the family out to the driving range, have a cookout and make it a retreat! The cost will be far less than that golf tournament , you’ll be able to attract “Susie-Q and Grandad” and while learning the basics of golf instruction, you’ll be provided the a light-hearted presentation of Judeo-Christian Sprirituality! We’ll take a 7 STEP approach to this Spiritual Tour of Basic Fundamentals;

1. Golf History / Our Heritage 2. Putting / Prayer 3. Grip/ Desire 4. Alignment / Discernment 5. Posture / Attitude 6. The Swing / Impact 7. Finish / Heaven

Let’s Sanctify The Secular …and Have Fun Too!

Prices Per Person: 12 to 24 / $20 25 to 50 / $15 50 to 100 / $10 over 100 / $5
Price Per Organization: (Negotiable Always but The Average of the Above Price Categories would be a fair price given preparation, travel expenses and total – time given (the clinic itself would be at least 2 hrs extending to 4 hrs with a full cookout.) Therefore,

ex. 18 people @ 20. = $460. (Subtract $5. Per Category Above For Seminars Only)

Net Profit For Your Organization? Try to get the Driving Range Owner To Discount the golf balls to zero or $5. per person and a $100. 00 Fundraising Entry Fee would earn your Parish /Organization an 80% Net Profit!!! This would far exceed the net-profit on a golf tournament while being able to reach ALL the Family! You could also do a few of these throughout the golf season giving EVERYONE the chance to participate.

Let’s Go Indoors….The Seminar

Similar presentation as The Group Clinic with awesome video excerpts from the world of golf (or other sports if desired) and our Faith highlighting the same 7 STEP Spiritual Fundamentals! Students are engaged in this format with multiple questions and comments for discussion.

A Comprehensive 2 Hour-plus Session or a 7 STEP / 7 Hour Series.

Prices: Per Person / Subtract $5.From Group Clinic Categories Above Per Organization: Take the Average, therefore ex. 18 people @ $15. = $270. Prices Per Series: Call For Price

Perfect For Your Adult Education or Youth Ministry !

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