The Seminar

The Seminar:  Golf and Biblical Spirituality

This seminar will be integrated into all programs. We draw the parallels between golf’s’ tradtions, the swing, etiquette, etc and age-old classic principles of Christian Spirituality. The Seminar engages the participants to share stories and lay bare meaningful questions that we all have as brothers and sisters. Ideal for Adult Ed. /RCIA/Youth Ministry, etc.. A cross-section of related themes would include:

Short Game   Full Swing
Up & Down/Temperance
Sand Shots/The Desert

Course Syllabus
Tim’s Master’s Thesis
: The Theology of Sports
Rev. Michael Lender – Golf and Spirituality
M. Scott Peck – Golf and The Spirit
George Peper – The Story of Golf
Pope John Paul II – Theology of the Body
Darden & Richardson – The Way of An Eagle
Michael Novak – The Joy of Sports … And More
Integrated with 7 Steps To Par/ Full Swing and Short Game Instructional Videos

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