Tim Kilcoyne, M.Ed./Religious Education, B.A./Theology, Developmental Psychology, is an experienced Teaching Professional and member of the PGA of America.

Ever active in lay ministry, with a Master Thesis on the Theology of Sports, Tim is excited to present the integration of Golf and Christian Spirituality. Having worked at nationally recognized golf schools and Universities (Coach/Boston College and UC Santa Barbara Golf Teams), Tim has put together an instruction video outline of the golf swing called 7 Steps To Par/The Full Swing and Short Game. The fundamental “steps” of each video can also be applied to inspire genuine Christian insights; unique fairways to faith.

Such a program represents a new tool for evangelization in the new millenium. It is at the heart of Tim’s vision for continuing spiritual formation; despite the sand traps, dog-legs, hills and valleys!

Let Tim Take You On A Fundamentals, Spiritual Tour!

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I am very happy to write on behalf of Tim Kilcoyne, a member of the PGA, a Teaching Professional, but most of all a fervent Catholic and Apologist for our Catholic Faith. I admire his enthusiasm, his keen interest in people and his tremendous love of God and Church. The attendees here at St. Ann’s Parish (West Newbury, MA) were awed by his sharing the faith as well as giving us lessons that will make us better golfers. Even the non-golfers were enthused regarding both areas. I encourage every group or parish to benefit from Tim’s skill and love. I am now planning to have a parish picnic with him on the golf course as a retreat.
Rev. John Leonard, Pastor
St. Ann’s Parish, West Newbury, MA

The crisis in our culture is the split between faith and life. Tim Kilcoyne bridges that gap with an integrative approach to our spiritual life. He teaches with splendid insight, clarity and humor the numerous sacred lessons that can be learned from the marvelous game of golf. The Christian virtues come alive with his presentation and make us want to live our faith more vibrantly.
” Fairways to Faith” was a hit with our Catholic singles group. We came away more fully aware that God can truly be found in all things; a profound contribution to the New Evangelization.
Fr. Greg Cleveland, Oblates of the Virgin Mary
Rector, Our Lady of Grace Seminary

Tim Kilcoyne’s seminar on Golf and Spirituality was well received at our parish. Tim cleverly wove in pieces of golf videos with one’s faith journey. Seminar participants were especially impressed with Tim’s integration of golf swing techniques and faith. They also became aware of how God can be a part of their lives even on the golf course. As a non-golfer, I was able to apply Tim’s principles to my own life as a religious. It was a pleasure to have Tim here for the Seminar on Golf and Spirituality! Sincerely in prayer,
Sister Joyce Kubiniec, FSSJ /Adult Formation Director
Basilica of St. Stanislaus, Chicopee, MA

Tim’s mix of golf and religion-religious recreation is genius! I found his presentation engaging and educational. The fundraising possibilities are also endless.
Jason T. Free, M.S.W. / General Manager
National Shrine of The Divine Mercy, Stockbridge, MA

Adult Education is really needed in our times. Tim brings with him not only educational requirements to teach the Faith, but has combined it with his work as a golf professional in a truly unique way in his Fairways To Faith program. I encourage you to lend whatever support you can to Tim in his efforts to be part of the New Evangelization. He certainly is following the Church’s commission to find new ways of bringing the faith to the people of our century. I really believe in what he proposes! In Our Eucharistic Lord,
Br. John Raymond, Monks of Adoration, Venice, FL (Author: Catholics On The Internet)
Just a short note to tell you that golf will never be the same for me. You have opened the door to a true spiritual experience that I can now enjoy on the “course”. The analogy is so perfect. I love to play golf and I love God. If God is my “caddy” how much easier is the challenge of both life and golf! Thank you! Sincerely,
Carole Korkosz, Participant
I came for golf, but the spirituality parallels were excellent!
Alfred T. Kagan, Participant
The Catholic Alumni Club of Boston recently had the pleasure of experiencing “Fairways To Faith” presented by Tim Kilcoyne. Tim’s presentation was superb. His knowledge of the subject matter along with his motivational personality made for a very interesting workshop.I highly recommend His spirituality shines through his presentations.
Grace DiCenzo, Religious Chairperson, Catholic Alumni Club (Boston, MA)
Tim Kilcoyne’s two one-hour presentations to my 10th grade Confirmation students were well-received. His unique way of using the principles of the golf swing to illustrate the steps we can take to strive for holiness not only captured the attention of the students, but provided them with a helpful yet stress-free means of acquiring spiritual direction.
James J. Drummey / Confirmation Coordinator
St. Stephen’s Parish, Framingham, MA

Being on an Evangelization Committee, I was hoping we could get a crowd of people who usually shy away from anything spiritual. Your new ministry attracts a diversity of people… a refreshing change! You gave an excellent presentation. May God continue to bless you in this joyful and important ministry.
Joanne Budynkiewicz, Evangelization Committee
The Basilica of St. Stanislaus, Chicopee, MA

On behalf of the parish, I thank you for your presentation here. Your engaging and educational blend of humor, golf and theology was not only enjoyed here but is something that every parish would benefit from. Best wishes and God Bless,
Fr. Don Delay, Pastor/ St. Mary’s Parish, Walpole, MA
I came here because of the uniqueness of it. He really made some interesting points with regard to technique and how it relates to spirituality. It’s really neat to see how he ties it all together.
Roland Crevier, Participant

Tim Kilcoyne definately has something here! The fact that Tim is a professional golfer did draw people to his presentation. Yes, they did receive pointers for their golf game. But they also received insights that may improve their relationship with God. His presentation was informative, dynamic and humorous. He was perfectly at ease talking about golf and talking about God! His love for golf and deep love for our Lord was obvious…. Be assured of my prayers. May God bless your ministry abundantly! You are certainly doing His work. Sincerely,
Fr. Albert Scherer, OFM Conv./ Parochial Vicar
The Basilica of St. Stanislaus, Chicopee, MA

See Tim Kilcoyne’s 7 Steps to Par Professional Golf School Services

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